Real Time SSIS Secnario.

Requirement: We have to Load .txt file to SQl Table.

Step1: Check File is exist or not in folder, If not Send a mail to User “File does not Exists”.

Step2 : Load the File on the basis of First come First Load, Below is the sample file name               containing  date and time stamp.


Step3: Before Loading data into Destination Table Check if there is any Duplicates records in File and also check Resource Hours Should be not greater than 8.

Below is sample File records .


Step4: After Cleansing is complete Load the File into  Destination Table.

Step5: After Successfully Loading Data into Destination , create Monthly Archive Folder.
Step6: Then Send Mail to user  “File Loaded Successfully , With Your Server name”.

Enjoy Weekend with SSIS 🙂


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