SQL Interview Questions.

  1. Explain Difference Between Table variable and Local Temporary table?

  2. Can you create Foreign key Constraints on Temporary tables?

  3. What is Choose Function in T-SQL?
  4. What is the Difference Between JOINS and UNION?

  5. How to find 3rd Largest Salary without using sub query?

  6. What is the Best way to remove Duplicates from SQL Table?

  7. What is Error Handling in SQL Server and How to store Errors in another table?

  8. What is Cluster and Non Cluster Index Explain in Detail?

  9. Explain Recursive Query Using Common Table Expression with Example?

  10. How to Pass table-valued parameters in a SQL Server stored procedure?

  11. What is CTE?

  12. Can we use CTE in Stored Procedure?

  13. Difference between pivot and unpivot?

  14. Tell me the scenarios where you used triggers in ur project?

  15. What is difference between Local and Gobal temporary table ?

  16. What is the use of SQL Profiler ?

  17. How to continue identity count after truncating table?

  18. What is Heap?

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