SSIS Experienced Interview Questions

  1. What are the different types of Logging present in SSIS?

  2. Explain Retain Same Connection Property in SSIS?

  3. How to Debug SSIS Package?

  4. Difference between MERGE and MERGE JOIN?

  5. I have created temp table in SSIS package and want to use in other task, which property we need to set?

  6. Difference Between For each loop Container and Sequence Container?

  7. What is for each Item Enumerator in For Each Loop Container?

  8. Explain SCD and their types?

  9. Explain Parent Child in SSIS Package?

  10. What are the differences between Merge Join and Lookup transformations in SSIS?

  11. Name Transformations available in SSIS?

  12. Can you explain one approach to deploy an SSIS package?

  13. How to loop multiple text file without using For each loop container?

  14. Explain Check Point in SSIS?

  15. How To Watch Value Of Variables During Debugging In SSIS Package?

  16. I am running my package for debugging and I do not want to load data into any destination. Which transformation can I use to ensure that the data goes nowhere else?

  17. How to create Monthly Archive Folders in SSIS Package ? 




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